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Cougar Minos XC Gaming Combo

Cougar Minos XC Gaming Combo

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Cougar Minos XC Gaming Combo

Nimble and powerful gaming combo, ideal for those who enjoy an agile gaming experience.


  • This gaming mouse has been built to last. Behind its two main buttons are two original gaming switches guaranteed to last for at least 20 million clicks
  • Micro and smooth textures surface with stitched edges for better durability and faster movement
  • The ADNS-3050 optical sensor has been designed especially for gamers. With the possibility of adjusting the DPI level up to 4000 DPI, you will be able to fine-tune its performance to achieve the ideal balance between speed and precision.
  • 6 fully customizable buttons: Minos XT supports the legendary COUGAR UIX, the best gaming device management system on the market. A user-friendly interface and full customization of its six buttons including macros, shortcuts, and more open a new world of possibilities.
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