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Cougar Gemini T Pro PC Case

Cougar Gemini T Pro PC Case

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Cougar Gemini T Pro PC Case

Gemini T Pro is not different. It’s better. This new case from COUGAR breaks conventions with an intelligent design that combines performance and innovation in a gorgeous RGB-lit package with vertical GPU support.


  • Trelux RGB Lighting: COUGAR’s new Trelux technology provides Gemini T Pro with a powerful lighting system of its own: three long RGB-powered lenses cover the front and top of the case. The Trelux dynamic RGB lighting will amaze everybody!
  • Controllable directly through a convenient front panel button, Trelux can also work connected to a COUGAR Core Box v2 or to a compatible motherboards’ 5V connection for system-wide lighting integration.
  • Glass Wings: Two massive gull-wing tempered glass side panels flank Gemini T Pro. This unique design gives you a clear view of the computer’s components and makes tool-less maintenance very convenient. Apart from cooling, the two side fans facing the glass window allow you to set up a fantastic lighting spectacle inside Gemini T Pro!
  • Vertical GPU Support: This case is both about performance and aesthetics. To bring your system’s awesomeness to the limit, Gemini T Pro supports vertical GPU installation. This joins the two supported side fans to produce one of the most incredible side windows a PC case has ever had.
  • Intelligent Cooling: Up to nine fans and three water cooling radiators match Gemini T Pro's support for the latest components with top-end cooling capabilities.
  • Two big frontal vents with detachable filters guarantee a clear air intake, while two side vents on both sides of the top cover create an excellent way for the exhaust to leave the case without dust getting in.
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